Washbasin Orbe


Both organic and geometric, this aesthetic washbasin adds character and originality, as well as softness and harmony, to your bathroom.

Supplied with its waste valve with spherical ceramic cap. Faucet/tap and siphon not included.


/ General:
• Countertop washbasin
• Compliant with PMR standards
• Certifications: CE
• Warranty: 2 years
• Note: faucet/tap and siphon not included.

/ Technical information:
• Dimensions: Ø44 x 13.7 cm
• Weight: 10 kg
• Drainage set: free-flowing waste valve
• Overflow: without overflow hole
• Faucet/tap hole(s): without faucet/tap hole - requires a wall-mounted or floor-standing faucet placed on bathroom cabinet/worktop

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organic and geometric

Historically, it was the first regalia presented to the king: today, Orbe is Trone's first collection of aesthetic washbasins and hand washbasins. Its curved silhouette, bold colors, and ceramic pop-up plug make it, just as it was in the past, a true object of desire.

comfort of curves

Perfectly sized to channel water to its center in a fluid manner, its curved design prevents water stagnation and limescale deposits. With no sharp edges, the toric shape offers solidity and durability.

magnificent ceramic

The craftsmanship of ceramics is a rare skill. The blend of glazing, precise dosing, meticulous firing gives our ceramic washbasins their translucency, resonance, and solidity. This process produces colors never achieved before, making each aesthetic washbasin unique.

careful attention to detail

Inspired by the observation of water movement, the Orbe washbasin is the materialization of the ripple form created by a drop when it falls onto the surface of a body of water. We turned this drop into a spherical pop-up plug, made in the same coulored ceramic. A detail that makes this aesthetic basin even more distinctive.

technical information

• Dimensions: Ø44 x 13.7 cm
• Weight: 10 kg
• Complies with PMR standards
• Certifications: CE
• Warranty: 2 years
• Without overflow
• Faucet hole(s): without faucet hole, for wall-mounted or floor-standing faucet placed on a piece of furniture

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