treat yourself

While at the office, at the gym, out shopping or at the doctors...we're all fond of a little break that brightens up our day. Trone creates aesthetically pleasing toilets for a unique experience. Not only the devil is in the detail.

an unexpected design

With its original and asymmetrical shapes, a deep and varied color palette, and a keen attention to detail, for even the tiniest elements like the hinge or the toilet seat joint, the Callipyge wall-hung toilet is a feast for the eyes where you'd least expect it.

important detail

Kaoline is the only accessory you need to ensure a perfect aesthetic coherence in your bathroom. Our first flush-plate, Kaoline, is made of ceramic and is designed to match the Callipyge wall-hung toilet.

a see through surprise

Water is precious, so let's save it and appreciate it. This is the motto of Icone01, our first aesthetically designed toilet, with a transparent water tank, sharp geometric shapes and bold colors.

the most memorable 2sqm

Unleash the creativity inherent to your establishment's DNA with Trone, here to help you create a memorable experience for your customers, patients, or employees. Create beautiful and unforgettable toilets.