treat yourself

While at the office, at the gym, out shopping or at the doctors...we're all fond of a little break that brightens up our day. Trone creates aesthetically pleasing toilets for a unique experience. Not only the devil is in the detail.

an unexpected design

Designed with new shapes, crafted in ceramic in a palette of deep and varied colors, attention to the smallest details such as their hinges or a transparent water tank, our toilets catch your eye when you least expect it.

important detail

Our accessories deserve their own category, as they consist of essential pieces to ensure perfect harmony in the toilet cubicle. Discover Kaoline, our first flush-plate, designed in ceramic to match Callipyge.

local manufacturing

Geometric or organic shapes, bold colors, translucent and reflective ceramic... our washbasins stand out for their design as much their local production, between France and Italy.

the most memorable 2 m²

Unleash the creativity inherent to your establishment's DNA with Trone, here to help you create a memorable experience for your customers, patients, or employees. Create beautiful and unforgettable toilets.