a story of encounters

Trone is first and foremost a story of encounters and French artisanal know-how. The meeting of Lionel H, who was behind our first colorful ceramic bowls. The discovery of Lionel T, continuing a family tradition in his woodworking workshop in Arras, France. That of Frédéric, whose knowledge of metal and the precision of his production tools have allowed us to product parts with infinite resistance. With our evolving needs our search for expertise has extended to Italy, where we now manufacture a large proportion of our ceramics.

princess ceramic

Ceramic is an ancestral art, and working with it requires a rare skill set. The barbotine (starting paste) is first poured into a plaster mold and then dried for about a week, depending on the season. In the meantime, the grinding and mixing of the enamels take place, giving it its color. Once the drying is complete, the enamel is applied to the pre-cooked piece. This is then fired in a kiln at 1270°C for 24 hours, giving the ceramic of our aesthetically designed toilets its translucency, sound and strength.

the warmth of wood

Our toilet seats are made of wood for warmth while seated, and for the negligible environmental impact it has compared to plastic. The seats are varnished to match their color to that of our ceramic toilets, and to ensure their sturdiness and resistance to daily aggressions from cleaning products.

the precision of metal

To highlight the purity of the design of the flush tank of our toilets, all while ensuring optimal solidity and quality, our caps are manufactured in aluminum, and refined through pressing, machining and engraving methods. A final surface treatment, by anodization, gives them their final appearance as well as protecting them against shocks and cleaning products.