a detail, which is actually not

In an interior, be it public or private, every room counts and has the right to be magnificent. With Trone, great design extends to the toilet. Surprise your clients by making the intimate sublime.

innovative curves

Callipyge brings innovative curves and asymmetry, sculptural and architectural rigor, and echoes antique amphitheatrical tiering. Design toilets that adapt to the uniqueness of your projects.

subtle accessory

Designed to fit harmoniously with Callipyge, Kaoline distinguishes itself by its precise design and the reflectivity of the material it is made from: ceramic.

a statement piece

A transparent water tank creates a playful and magical experience. Its unlikely shape makes it a talking point in itself. The array of colored ceramic glazes means it adapts to all of your projects. Icone01 was designed to elevate your projects and surprise your customers.

a surprise in 2sqm

Let your creativity run wild with our design oriented and colorful toilets, to turn an intimate moment into a memorable experience. In private homes, as well as public spaces.