a clear choice

Accustomed to a lackluster offering, toilets have become the only essential in our daily lives that we do not really choose. At Trone, we dare to declare that we have finally turned this around and created a truly desirable object. Finally you can surprise your clients with colorful, locally produced, aesthetic toilets.

surprise, guaranteed

Easy to install and a treat for the eyes. Whether it's the new and asymmetrical curves of our wall-hung toilet Callipyge or the transparent and limescale-free water tank of our floor-standing toilets Icone01, our range will surprise your clients and elevate your projects.

no longer an afterthought

For 250 years, toilets have been made of ceramic, yet no toilet accessory has been designed to match in material and color. That was before the arrival of Kaoline, the first ceramic flush plate, with a design that is considered and impactful.

franco-italian manufacturing

Designed to surprise with a unique design and an innovative, attention grabbing pop-up plug, our washbasins have another selling point for you and your clients: they are locally manufactured