a clear choice

We've all been so used to such a lacklustre offering since we were born, that toilets have become the only essential part of our daily lives that we do not choose. Our designs finally manage to create desire for this object, allowing you to finally surprise your clients with aesthetic, colorful, locally produced toilets.

radical beauty

Callipyge, our wall-hung toilet design, innovates with original and asymmetric curves, as well as thoughtful details: custom-designed hinges complete with fall brake, a shaped wooden seat, a joint taking the shape of the seat. And it adapts to every support frame.

accessories deserving of attention

A ceramic enameled front, a steel mounting frame, hidden fixings: the Kaoline flush-plate fits to any Sigma support frame. And it's the perfect match to our Callipyge wall-hung toilet.

a guaranteed surprise

Icone01, our floor-standing toilet, is a true innovation due to its transparent, limescale-free, water reservoir. As the water drops, your awareness of your environmental impact raises, through a magically playful experience.