transform the essential

At a hotel, three key moments are essential for a successful guest experience: going to bed, the bathroom, and the toilet. At Trone, we are committed to enhancing the toilet experience and leaving each of your guests with a memory that they will want to share for far longer than their stay.

a touch of folly

Callipyge, our first wall-hung design, is a coveted object in its own right. Shaped with the radicality of antique tiering, softened by innovative curves and deep colors, Callipyge discreetly fits into the bathroom, instantly adding a touch of folly.

discreet beauty

Finally, an accessory that is made to match. Kaoline, our flush-plate, was first designed to fit flawlessly with Callipyge, thanks to the use of the same material: ceramic. Coupled with strong lines, it becomes minimalist and timeless.

« wow »

Our floor-standing toilet, Icone01, leaves nobody indifferent. Its transparent water resevoir makes it a totally different experience. With a modern and radical design, and its wide range of colors, it seduces everyone whos eyes fall upon it.

a surprise in 2m²

These 2m² are so often neglected that when they are well reimagined, they are guaranteed to surprise and delight. That's why Trone is committed to rethinking the entire bathroom experience by creating unique and differentiated worlds, and making memories for your clients.