visual pleasure

In a hotel room, two key moments which define a successful customer experience: sleep and going to the bathroom. At Trone, we strive to enhance the bathroom experience, to surprise, delight, and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

a touch of folly

Whether it's the new and asymmetrical curves of Callipyge or the transparent water tank of Icone01, our aesthetic toilets bring a touch of madness and elegance to your bathrooms, for the pleasure of each and every guest.

extra attention to detail

Hospitality is a service-oriented profession, and excellent service is demonstrated in the details. At Trone, we understand the importance of every detail and have decided to take the same approach to each of our accessories, starting with our flush-plate. Made of ceramic, Kaoline stands out with a design that is both functional and timeless.

design local

Crafted in ceramic and designed to surprise, our washbasins bring character and originality to your bathrooms. On top of that, they are locally produced, between France and Italy.

a surprise in 2m²

These 2m² are so often neglected that when they are well reimagined, they are guaranteed to surprise and delight. That's why Trone is committed to rethinking the entire bathroom experience by creating unique and differentiated worlds, and making memories for your clients.