La salle d'eau rêvée d'Elise Chalmin

Elise Chalmin's dream bathroom

Today, we are going to meet Elise Chalmin. Fashion designer and illustrator, Elise creates graphic clothing with clean cuts for a flawless look. Colorful pieces that transport us into a poetic, joyful and colorful world.

Who are you Elise? Can you introduce yourself ?
My name is Elise Chalmin, I am 30 years old and I created an eponymous brand of printed clothing, sold on our website and in our store in the 9th arrondissement of Paris.

What does your job involve? What do you like most about this one?
My job consists of designing prints to affix to fabrics. I also design the shape of the garment, this requires a lot of research, which I do in advance. I design many prints so that I have choice when creating my collections. I also do all the artistic direction of the brand, the production of photo shoots, and the brand image.

How would you describe your creative world?
Very very colorful, without too much obvious inspiration because I draw according to my desires. My world is full of optimism, we like to tell ourselves that nothing is impossible for those who give themselves the means and that is what I try to convey through my clothes. I think it's important to dare, dare to use color, dare to take the plunge.

Does your bathroom match or, on the contrary, does it contrast with your interior?
I think this is the place where you can afford to splurge. It's an intimate room, which is not necessarily visited by your guests and I think it's the room in which you have to decide and rediscover your madness a little bit.

Tell us the story of your apartment (style, architecture, atmosphere)? What does your interior say about you?

We unfortunately don't own our apartment, so we couldn't choose many things. We went with rather warm colors, duck blue, bottle green. We have lots of paintings, and a very beautiful vintage travertine table. Our apartment is Haussmann-style, quite classic, which we tried to change by putting a custom-made marine piece of furniture on either side of the fireplace in order to bring modernity, and we put wooden Pierre Chapo benches .

What do you like to be surrounded by in a room to make you feel good? (style, materials, colors)
I like rather warm materials, like carpet, wool, wood. But I also like to break with marble.

What are your inspirations (designers, architects, others) for the design of your interior? What spirit emerges?
I really like Pierre Chapo for all his furniture, I would dream of having Pierre Jeanneret chairs. I like wooden furniture, mixed with beautiful materials.

Tell us about your furniture. What pieces do we find in your home? What is the piece or object you are most attached to? And why ?
We have two Diamond Bertoia chairs by Knoll in the dining room. We have two Pierre Chapo benches in the living room, around a Roche Bobois travertine coffee table from the 70s. And I put behind one of our benches a screen, representing a forest, painted by my grandfather that I adore. The object I am most attached to are my benches which came to me from my grandmother.

What are your latest favorites – discoveries – of design and art?
I'm crazy about the paintings of Ronan Bouroullec, the work of Sonia Delaunay but more than anything I adore the artistic universe of Nathalie Du Pasquier.

Where are you shopping? Where do you discover new signatures?
I don't do it very much, but I spend a lot of time on Instagram. I recently discovered the work of Valentine Schlegel which is ultra modern.

How do you consume decoration?
I am very reasoned. I like to have, like in my wardrobe, durable pieces that can be passed down. I would like to be able to only afford designer pieces that I could pass on to my children. When I look for pieces I always hope to find the rare gem, like when I bought my pair of Tong armchairs by Pierre Paulin for my store.

After years spent in Paris, do you have any addresses to recommend to us there? (restaurants, lifestyle, decoration, design)
I love eating ! And I like discovering places. Here is a small list of delights in Paris: Aux Vins des Pyrénées, Lolo, Les Vitelloni, Martin Boire et Manger, Marrow et Hiru. In terms of lifestyle, decoration and design, I always love stopping by The Socialite Family and the Galeries Lafayette foundation.

Do you have anything to share exclusively with our readers? What's your news in the coming months (release, collaboration, etc.)?
Our first summer capsules are released in Spring; we have 7 of them, each more sublime than the last. We've done a lot of work on the prints and new cuts are emerging, it's very exciting! At the same time, we created our first summer sandals, and a pair of hand-made fuchsia pink raffia moccasins, yum yum! And since I love shoes to the core, we also did a collaboration with the iconic brand Méduse, which I've loved since I was little! For adults and children, the perfect match!

Find Elise’s addresses and favorites:
-Elise Chalmin
- Aux Vins des Pyrénées in the 4th district of Paris
- Lolo Cave à Manger in the 9th arrondissement in Paris
- The Vitelloni in the 3rd in Paris
- Martin - Drinking and Eating in the 11th arrondissement in Paris
- Marrow in the 10th in Paris
- Hiru in Montmartre (Paris)
- The Socialite Family in the 2nd in Paris
- The Galeries Lafayette foundation in the 4th arrondissement in Paris
- Pierre Chapo
- Pierre Paulin
- Pierre Jeanneret
- Camille Cottier
- Jules Théret