La salle d'eau rêvée de Margaux de Fouchier

Margaux de Fouchier's dream bathroom

Today, we are going to meet Margaux de Fouchier. A multidisciplinary artist, she expresses her creativity in spheres as varied as music, photography, writing and even artistic direction.

Who are you, Margaux? Can you introduce yourself ?
I am 31 years old, I am Franco-American and a lifelong Parisian. Very curious and passionate, I feel like I have already had several lives... I thrive in different worlds, always creative. After (and during) photography studies, I started as a singer with an album called “Instantanés” released by Universal, then with a self-produced project. Since then, I worked at Vestiaire Collective (as Head of Social) for almost 3 years, before setting up my digital communications consulting agency. Very recently, I released a new musical project, “Disconova”, and I continue to share my universe through my site on which prints of my photographs are available. A newsletter sent sporadically accompanies it, to share my writings, my favorites, my latest news... My career is therefore very heterogeneous, which reflects the diversity of my desires and my passions. It's also a way to continually open my mind, meet people, learn, experiment!

What do your professional activities consist of? What do you like most about these?
As I said earlier, I multiply projects in different universes, and it is this plurality that drives me; to be able to do what I love with passion, to be able to express myself, exchange, share, and always be evolving. What I like the most really depends on the projects at hand. I am lucky to be able to move from one to the other frequently, and to take so much pleasure in each. I think that this is precisely my strength today: nourishing myself with these different lives, these different professions, and having varied experiences, in fields that complement each other. My experience has taught me to open the field of possibilities, even if it means not fitting into a box. All of this creates an organized mess in my thoughts. It's sometimes difficult because I have three times as many things to think about, but I'm learning not to get distracted and to navigate between my different projects. It is possible to do anything, I think, and to do it with the heart. Singing, writing, advising, photographing... It's all part of me, and I'm very proud of it.

How would you describe your creative world?
It's difficult to look back... So I'm going to respond with what I'm sure of: lots of light, in every sense of the word! It is created quite spontaneously, instinctively I would say, thanks to what surrounds me and inspires me, and thanks to the particular need to communicate.

Tell us the story of your apartment (style, architecture, atmosphere)? What does your interior say about you?
My apartment is rather modern, with an industrial style. Like a mini loft, with large windows, a large mezzanine, high ceilings and very pleasant light, which overlooks a small cobbled street. There is also a small terrace with a clear view, facing south. In summer, it's very pleasant, everything is open. In winter, it is very warm. The style is eclectic, and I counterbalance the modern aspect with old objects, frames, books, some vintage lighting but also more distinctive pieces, nevertheless a bit retro. It all makes a happy mess of very personal pieces chosen, inherited, discovered during travels, etc. over time.

What do you like to be surrounded by in a room to make you feel good? (style, materials, colors, etc.)
Warm and natural materials, such as wood and stone. These materials always have something to tell, particularly through their rough edges: they are living materials, it is their “defects” that give them their charm. Objects too, always recall a memory, a soul, an emotion. I like it when it's alive and it shows a little of its personality, a little more than a perfectly harmonious and smooth interior. The colors, the photographs, the little trinkets also have things to say. Finally, we come back to these ideas of communication and sharing, to which I attach a lot of importance!

Tell us about your furniture. What pieces do we find in your home? What is the piece or object you are most attached to? And why ?
A lamp inherited from my father, which is very 60s, art deco; very topical. I am attached to her for all the stories she tells me since I knew her, I grew up with her. I also have a rather unusual piece, found years ago at an antique dealer in the south, which divides tastes a little. I don't even know if I find her beautiful today, but I do. It has found its place in my various apartments and accommodates my particularly precious notebooks.

The bathroom, and more particularly the toilets, are a bubble, a parenthesis. What particular value does this piece have in your eyes?
The answer is in the question ! It is indeed a bubble, particularly intimate. In this way, it can be a real “airlock” for decompression, conducive to personal renewal.

Does your bathroom match or, on the contrary, does it contrast with your interior?
My bathroom today blends into the decor since it is open to my bedroom. But it still has its own universe, its materials, its colors, its atmosphere…

Could you describe this “dream bathroom” created by Trone?
The idea was to unite several dream universes. An openness to nature and natural light, strong materials, at the same time modern, timeless, warm, while respecting the codes of a bathroom.

An intimate, personal, lively and inspiring place to live, which serves as an airlock to your day as it begins or ends, or simply to spend time there when the need to recharge your batteries arises!

Beyond its primary function, this dream bathroom therefore allows listening to music, reading books, relaxing on a hot stone and invites you to contemplate an interior garden; all this, in a basin or on the toilet.

When creating this “dream water feature” for Trone, you chose the Icone01 – Green Scale model. For what ?
The choice of the Icone01 - Écaillé Vert model was made naturally: majestic, it becomes a decorative element in its own right, in harmony with the choice of marble, and as a nod to the nature on which the large window overlooks.

What are your inspirations (designers, architects, others?) for the design of your interior?
There is obviously a gap between my inspirations and favorites, and the reality of the layout of my apartment. Lucky to have grown up in a creative world, with two sisters who thrive in interior design (Pascale de Fouchier) and set design (Jennifer de Fouchier), I have always been fascinated by the worlds that they manage to create at home, where I have always felt “at home”, but also through the worlds they create tailor-made for their clients. The spirit that emerges is, I think, a warm, welcoming interior, full of personality and stories!

But I also always have a non-exhaustive list of architects and designers, constantly updated through my meetings and discoveries: Benni Allan, Mathias Kiss, Hugo Toro, Pierre Lacroix, David/Nicolas, Oda Paris, Studio Façon, Béton Brut London, Green River Project LLC, Flack Stud, …

What are your latest favorites – discoveries – of design, art, and more generally the art of living?
The DC 1908 table by Vincenzo De Cotiis, the 2.9 lamp from the Papierre collection by Mono Editions, the Multilaque Black armchairs by Pierre Augustin Rose and the Opposite chair from the Barcelona studio Six N. Five Objects.

Where are you shopping? Where do you discover new signatures?
With my friends first of all! They are my main source of discoveries because they have great taste as collectors or creators. Social networks can also be a very beautiful gallery open to the whole world, I discover a lot of talent there. On my account, I regularly share my favorites.

How do you consume decoration?
Responsibly. I tended to get cluttered when I couldn't make a choice. Today, it's love at first sight, or nothing. I obviously leave a little room for sentimental value, but I am already well surrounded by pieces that have that magic.

After years spent in Paris, do you have any addresses to recommend to us there? (restaurants, lifestyle & decor/design)
Having recently changed sides, I'm rediscovering some great addresses in my neighborhood: Santa Silvia, Yard, Becquetance, La Galerie Maestria, The Carpenters Workshop, The Invisible Collection...

Do you have something to share exclusively with our readers? What's your news for the next few months?
Nothing exclusive to share unfortunately, but the writing of my book is progressing, and I have a few other publishing projects which are confidential! We will have to stay in touch to be kept informed…