La salle d'eau rêvée de Margaux Keller

Margaux Keller's dream bathroom

Today, we are going to meet Margaux Keller , an interior architect and designer whose agency is based in Marseille. Margaux places emotion and sensitivity at the genesis of her creations, while giving them an aesthetic and functional dimension.

Who are you Margaux? Can you introduce yourself ?
I am a designer, interior designer and I have my own design publishing house: Margaux Keller Collections.

What does your job involve? What do you like most about this one?
What motivates me every day is trying to reinvent what surrounds us for the better, the beautiful, the functional, the emotional.

How would you describe your creative world?
It is an assembly of poetic and elegant notes, which seek to arouse emotion.

The bathroom, and more particularly the toilets, are a bubble, a parenthesis. What particular value does this piece have in your eyes?
It is above all a place for yourself, in which you are very often alone and cut off from the rest! In my opinion, the materials chosen, the color codes, and the arrangement of the elements must therefore reflect selfish well-being.

Could you describe this “dream bathroom” created in collaboration with Trone?
Through this minimal setting, I wanted to transcribe the idea of ​​a moment suspended in the heart of the Calanques of Marseille, in communion with nature, the umbrella pines and the sea.

In collaboration with the Trone studio, we imagined a majestic rainwater recovery system visible on the roof to supply the shower and the faucet, as well as large bay windows lined with curtains which reveal the moving spectacle of the Mediterranean and umbrella pines.

A Callipyge Écaillé Vert toilet leans on a partially polished chrome arch-shaped stele whose reflective surface partially reflects its environment and is imbued with the colors that surround it.

A totem basin was glazed with the same green flake finish to match the ceramic of the Trone toilet. This recalls the foliage of the umbrella pines whose silhouettes are silhouetted against the white rocks of the Calanques.

The Tadelakt on the ground unifies the space and is forgotten to highlight the raw rock which delimits the water feature, just like the Souleo standing mirror (from my collection), bronze and silver color, which is highlighted light by two Beloio pendant lights (also from my collection).

When creating this “dream bathroom” with Trone, you chose the Callipyge – Green Scale model. For what ? What were your main inspirations?
The choice of Callipyge - Écaillé Vert was natural because it completely dethrones the traditional WC; it shakes up the codes, while matching perfectly with the colors of this dream bathroom that I like so much!

Tell us the story of your apartment (style, architecture, atmosphere)? What does your interior say about you?
It's a Haussmann-style apartment in the heart of downtown Marseille. I love the idea of ​​living in a place that has lived, I like the stigmata of the past and the fact that the place has a history. I completely renovated it, there are lots of colors, each room has its own identity.

What do you like to be surrounded by in a room to make you feel good? (style, materials, colors)
I appreciate the relationship with natural materials and particularly the feel of wood. I love having large mirrors and adding warm southern colors to the walls!

Tell us about your furniture. What pieces do we find in your home? What is the piece or object you are most attached to? And why ?
I have a lot of furniture that I have designed, I like to alternate with a mix of antique furniture, traditional Provençal furniture, or rather 50s furniture. It has everything!

What are your inspirations (designers, architects, others) for the design of your interior? What spirit emerges?
My own mind :)

What are your latest favorites - discoveries - of design, art, and more generally the art of living?
The Double V gallery located in Marseille next to my agency!

Where do you shop? Where do you discover new signings?
In Isle-sur-la-Sorgue to hunt for vintage pieces and while wandering around Paris to discover new signatures.

How do you consume decoration?
I mainly work on impulse but always on the condition that it is sustainable.

After years spent in Marseille, do you have any addresses to recommend to us there? (restaurants, lifestyle, decoration, design, etc.)
In Marseille I can recommend Jogging, the concept store a stone's throw from my agency, the Double V gallery, and the eternal Maison Empereur!

Is there anything you would like to share exclusively with our readers? What's your news for the coming months? (outing(s), collaboration(s), ...)
The most important news is from my publishing house Margaux Keller Collections, with the new collection “Série 08, Les Mimosas” which has just been released.

A seat for the publisher Hartô named Claudie is also being created, and will be presented on Maison & Objet this year.

And finally, two very nice collaborations are coming: one with Plum Living, for whom I am offering 4 new colors that smell good of the South, and whose release is scheduled for the end of March. And the other with Ricard, on an exclusive label design which will be sold at Mix Marseille in a limited series in the summer of 2023.