WC avec ou sans bride : quelles différences ?

WC with or without flange: what are the differences?

Toilets are generally a one-time investment for most people. They are an essential part of every home, but most don't consider them a design element. Do you want something that is both beautiful and that everyone in your household can enjoy? You probably need a rimless toilet. Rimless toilets are the latest trend in toilet design, and it's something you'll be hearing a lot about over the next few years. Replacing your toilet is (for most) a very rare event. So it's unlikely that you've been up to date with the latest in toilet design. But fear not, we are here to guide you into the world of the latest toilets... rimless toilets. Read on to discover the benefits of rimless toilets for your home!

What is a rimless toilet?

At first glance, it is difficult to imagine what a flangeless toilet could be, and at first glance they look very much like a flange toilet. It's only when you lift the lid and the seat that you see the differences. In the case of a toilet with a flange, the flush distributes water around the bowl from below the rim / rim. the flange of it. Rimless toilets incorporate a different flush mechanism for a more efficient flush, with fewer areas for dirt, providing a flush that cleans the entire bowl every time. Without a rim to hide dirt, rimless toilets are more hygienic and easier to clean. As you will have understood, the flange is the upper rim of the interior of the toilet bowl which hides the water coming from the tank . It's a hard-to-reach area that can lead to a buildup of dirt and bacteria. Rimless toilets make cleaning this part much easier. It is possible to find rimless toilets on all types of toilets (wall-mounted toilets , free-standing toilets , Japanese toilets , PMR toilets). It goes without saying that, whether with or without a rim, your toilet will always need to be cleaned with a brush!

What are the advantages of a rimless toilet?

Easy to clean

No one enjoys the task of cleaning toilets! It's undesirable and, frankly, not the most interesting thing to do all day. Purchasing a rimless toilet can significantly reduce cleaning time and effort.


Toilets with a flange always have the problem of waste accumulating inside the rim (flange). Their hard-to-reach places are a breeding ground for germs, and it is very difficult to see whether they are properly clean or not. With rimless toilets, because the rim is not inside the bowl, there are no small spaces where germs and dirt can hide and accumulate. The entire interior of the bowl is visible, making it much easier to maintain a high level of hygiene in your bathroom.


We can imagine that such an innovative toilet, significantly more advanced than its predecessors, would be quite expensive. We are happy to announce that this is not the case for rimless toilets. On average They generally only cost 10-15% more than versions of their sister range with flange.


There is a wide range of beautiful, modern-looking toilets on the market today that incorporate the superior rimless design. Due to the larger opening of the bowl as well as the almost absence of interior relief, rimless toilets have a refined and modern appearance. You can find “rimless” on a free-standing toilet, but it is more often offered as a wall-hung toilet. At Trone, our designer toilets are rimless!

More efficient flushing

Rimless toilets use a direct flush technique, which efficiently distributes water around the bowl. This direct flushing technique provides a more powerful flush while consuming less water. This means each flush is more efficient than with a flange design.

What you must remember...

It’s clear that rimless toilets are surpassing traditional models in popularity because of the incredible benefits they offer. They are easier to clean, more hygienic and stay cleaner longer, saving you time and effort, and creating a healthier environment for you and your family. All for an almost identical price. So don't hesitate!