15 idées pour une décoration aux toilettes jamais vue !

15 ideas for a toilet decoration never seen before!

With several years of experience in fitting out sanitary spaces and decorating toilets for clients as varied as they are prestigious, we reveal all our secrets to you in this article.

Whether you are an individual living in a villa, a country house, or an apartment; or whether you are a professional for whom the customer experience is essential within your establishment, the toilet area is unfortunately (too) often the same.

Although usually restricted, it nevertheless reveals your personality, your sensitivity or even the DNA of your brand that you wish to translate into your establishment.

Long remaining the last impregnable bastion of bad taste, Trone's mission is to make this space a desirable citadel where everyone can express their creativity through the choice of toilets with a radically new and colorful design. The latter thus become the centerpiece of the decorative experience that we create around it.

But it is not always easy to have ideas for modern and original toilet decoration, allowing you to re-enchant your daily life or the experience that your customers will have in this space.

So to help you achieve the ideal and unexpected decoration of your toilets, here are our best design ideas for toilet decoration ever seen.


The micro nightclub, the VIP(ee) square with sparkling decor

Go ahead honestly. Make an impression. Take out the disco balls and completely cover your floors, walls and ceilings with 1x1 cm or 2x2 cm mirror tiles. Add spots or lasers pointed at the ball and let the magic happen!

Finally, prepare the playlist which will be connected to the speaker integrated into the false ceiling and the wall lining and combine it with a presence detector to ignite this pocket club with its stunning decoration as soon as the door opens.

This decorative idea is recommended for festive establishments but can just as easily surprise in a much more conservative and conventional setting.

A plant decoration, to naturally purify your toilets

Plant material goes very well with natural materials but if you want to go even further and take advantage of their depolluting characteristics, decorating your toilet with green plants makes it all the more pleasant.

Be careful, however, to ensure that the room is well lit, otherwise you risk seeing the health of the plant deteriorate quickly. Direct light is not essential but care must be taken to ensure that it benefits from daylight.

Some may also be tempted to go further and opt for an even more immersive installation for the decoration of their toilets: the green wall.

As decorative as it is unexpected, this trend is becoming more and more common in interiors, so don't wait any longer to integrate it into the decor of your toilets. The advice of a professional is nevertheless essential to choose the plants adapted to the planned installation.

Another solution to bring greenery without having to think about maintaining a plant: think about herbariums! These dried flowers and plants framed or pressed between two glass plates are trendy and will bring a touch of poetry and delicacy.

In Paris, we recommend the services of Merci Raymond, a company specializing in natural and/or artificial vegetation, which will be able to support you with your tailor-made project. Elsewhere in France, do not hesitate to write to us, we work with many local partners.

The optical effect, for a surprising and destabilizing decoration in your toilet

By comparing mirrors and crossing colored areas, it is possible to modify the perception of a small space and destabilize the user for a moment.

If we refer to the works of Georges Rousse, it can be disturbing to see to what extent we can play with our perception of space with simple layers of paint which nevertheless respond to a well-developed geometry beforehand.

A more than original decorative idea for your toilet, which is sure to cause a sensation!


Wallpaper, decoration at the top of its art

When decorating your toilets, wallpaper presents an infinite number of ready-to-use solutions that can radically transform your toilets without doing major work.

This decorating idea is accessible to everyone and everyone will definitely find what they are looking for. Whether the inspiration is graphic, plant-based, textured, metallic, gradient, geometric or figurative, everything is possible!

We will nevertheless favor papers with little pictorial content in the toilets which would be small and narrow at the risk of visually reducing the size of the toilet cubicle.

Note that if your toilet is in your bathroom, it is important to go to special categories (which also exist in a wide variety of colors and patterns):

  • Vinyl wallpaper: the wallpaper is then covered with a layer of invisible PVC which becomes one with the paper and offers excellent resistance to humidity in bathrooms.
  • Non-woven wallpaper: it is not paper but woven polyester fiber.

For the more creative and contemporary, we suggest you check out the creations of Calico Wallpapers. For classics, textures and high-end, take a look at Nobilis or Etoffe. And for those ready to put their hands in their wallets, the dream on a roll is printed by the prestigious Maison Hermès.

Finally, we recommend applying a transparent varnish which will protect it from wear and humidity.

The strength of natural materials to decorate your toilets with character

Durable, robust and long-lasting, raw materials are a precious ally for your interior. Not necessarily being rustic, they can be implemented in a contemporary atmosphere. We appreciate the texture and serenity they give to your toilet decoration.

We can then think of a paint in natural shades (sand, ocher, etc.) which will go very well with a floor made of plant material such as coconut fiber or simple accessories or decorative objects in terracotta, ceramic in rather organic forms.

A tip that we like to use at Trone, with immediate effect and very limited cost, is the use of OSB panels. To do this, choose an OSB without added formaldehyde because over time, the latter returns to the air we breathe, in large enough quantities to be bad for our health. OSB can be placed on the floor or on the walls. Pair it with any color: white, deep blue, sea green, etc. And you will obtain a unique, unusual result, with lots of character.

Textured coverings to give relief to your toilet decor

While remaining sober and elegant, it is possible to decorate your toilet simply by giving it relief. To do this, a large number of wall coverings exist.

The Ressources brand offers easily applicable products, including different effect paints, lime and Roman coatings which will naturally give life and character to your walls. Indeed, they forever keep the trace of the craftsman's hand and vibrate subtly under the effect of a grazing play of light.

Argilus is a manufacturer of natural, ecological and sustainable wall coverings. The decorative aspect in your toilet will come from the irregularity of the surface texture and the revelation of the aggregates and organic fibers that compose it.

And to decorate your toilets in an innovative way, you can also opt for products developed by the CMO Paris brand. Claiming to be a “dresser” of places, their slogan sets the tone: “Beauty can be recognized by the rare gestures that precede it”.


The thematic universe.

Are you passionate about cinema, horse riding, ancient Rome or any other subject that overflows with iconography? The decor of your toilet can very well pay homage to this. Without falling into the caricature of walls littered with movie posters, a themed decoration can have its place in the toilets.

To take up the theme of ancient Rome for example, we can imagine red plinths, ancient busts placed on shelves, an old map on the wall in a frame whose gilding has faded a little, wallpaper which would take up a motif of 'arcade…

For this decorative idea in your toilet, the possibilities are endless but beware of “too much”.

Instead, you will have to be careful to choose decorative elements with parsimony and eclecticism to avoid falling into caricature!

Plunge your decoration into the toilet in the blue waters of a swimming pool

Want to take a dip? We have imagined for you an exclusive atmosphere which will give the illusion of being under the surface of a swimming pool.

The layout of the WC then consists of covering the floors with blue-green tiles which go up on the walls and whose junction is treated in rounded shapes. For the ceiling, in order to obtain a result similar to water, we chose a corrugated stainless steel sheet.

Then do not hesitate to add different elements that are usually found in a swimming pool: projector, ladder, bottom drain, skimmer, etc.


The library: the intimacy and calm of a literary decoration

Conducive to isolation and calm, why not bring together your most beautiful literary works in this place to be able to leaf through and rediscover your favorite authors.

Surrounding yourself with the soul of old books will bring your bathroom spaces to life. The accumulation of books and magazines in various sizes and colors will create a warm and easily customizable decoration.

Take a look at the very inspired Toilet Paper Magazine where you can get the perfect magazines to fill your toilet shelves.

The WC, the missing room to display your trophies

Football fans, fishing enthusiasts, manga addicts or stamp collectors, the little corner is the ideal place to showcase your whims and hobbies.

Have you always dreamed of a trophy room? The toilet is the room you were missing to display your most beautiful pieces.

Simple shelves or glass frames are enough to display your favorite objects.

If you want to enhance the experience, combine a sound ambiance with your museum decor, such as the singing of supporters of your favorite team or the sounds of nature in the background.

The cabinet of curiosities, the offbeat and intimate decoration

And why not make this too often banal place a real altar dedicated to the small objects, trinkets, holiday memories that you have accumulated here and there throughout your life, which represent your identity?

Too often forgotten at the back of cupboards, all these objects together can constitute a real cabinet of curiosities which will reflect your personality and your experiences while bringing a touch of originality to the decoration of your toilets.

Choose simple shelves and well-balanced lighting to highlight the accumulation of objects.

Don't hesitate to vary the sizes and influences, an eclectic selection of objects will surprise your guests. Take a look at Selency to access the best offers from second-hand dealers in France.

To find rare gems, we recommend that you seek out ideas for elements from the Parisian house master in the field: Deyrolle.


Monochrome: the choice of a strong, singular and colorful decoration

This is an easy to achieve and relatively inexpensive solution while ensuring a memorable effect for your guests.

The objective is to match the different materials that make up your toilet or even your bathroom. You will easily find paints, colored tiles, or even plain wallpapers on the market, which will match perfectly with our colored toilet bowls.

Push the detail by matching the colors of your door handles, switches, paper dispensers, flush control plate and brush; for a coherent and thoughtful decoration of your WC down to the smallest detail.

Don't forget that it is also possible to use colored bulbs, such as the Philips bulb which allows you to choose from more than 16 million colors.


Delimit the space

Like many rooms in our home, the bathroom is often shared by several people; and sometimes the toilets are also there.

In the case where the toilets are installed there, the decoration of your toilets should certainly not be excluded; and it may prove useful to delimit this space without necessarily putting up a partition.

To do this, there are several tips:

  • The screen: mobile and reversible, there are endless varieties! To optimize the privacy and aesthetic appearance of the WC area, opt for a “solid” version (Japanese paper, wood, polished glass, etc.)
  • The half partition: the idea here would be to create only part of the wall (no more than twice the height of a plinth) and to attach one or more elements that would go up to the ceiling. We can then imagine a stretched fabric, ropes, slats of wood at an angle, a window, etc.

Do not delimit the space

That said, you can also make the opposite choice by deciding not to demarcate the space, and thus make your toilet one of the main elements of your bathroom decoration.

It is then appropriate to install toilets with an interesting aesthetic, or even toilets that are a piece of design in the strict sense. This can, for example, result in innovative shapes, original colors, or even high-quality materials.

If this idea appeals to you, we invite you to take a look at the reinvented toilets from Trone, which meet all of these characteristics.