Quand le printemps s'invite aux toilettes

When spring comes to the toilet

Winter is coming to an end and little by little gives way to spring, its nature in full bloom, its good humor and its bright colors. During this period at Trone, we are creating tailor-made spaces for individuals and professionals who celebrate the return of cheerfulness.

At Trone, we set no limits. For us, “tailor-made” rhymes with “infinite possibilities”, which allows us to offer our clients spaces that perfectly match their every desire. Many people have requested toilets marked by bright colors and cheerfulness, or leaving plenty of room for nature; choices that are particularly appropriate for the return of spring.

In Feng Shui, this ancient art of Chinese origin aiming to harmonize the energies of an environment, colors have a precise meaning and great importance. They modify an atmosphere, influence moods and modulate perceptions.

With the arrival of spring, we will focus on Yang colors, which are the most vibrant. The red of a floor highlights the cream of a Callipyge model and resonates with the purple of the flowers carefully arranged along the entire height of a circular wall.

It is also possible to go bold with dark toilets, covered in circular variations of red-orange, for an atmosphere evoking that of an intense and protective cocoon.

In a more pop expression this time, Trone offers these toilets dressed all in pink, covered with glass blocks.

Finally, this almost retro space seems to be in suspension, between the pastel blue sheet metal which stops a few centimeters from the ground and a suspended peach-colored Callipyge. The eight lights bring a playful and almost futuristic expression to these toilets which will make an impression.

Spring is also and above all the season of nature. This is why at Trone we wanted to push the limits of creativity with plant-based toilets.

These windows of greenery each have their own personality and give pride of place to plants, flowers and grass, when they do not directly welcome a real lemon tree in their center. These small, intimate gardens are both calm and soothing, with green being known for bringing a note of freshness to the decoration.

Through the design of tailor-made toilets, we wish to offer a true journey out of time, in a parenthesis that one would believe to be imaginary as these spaces constitute small bubbles of the never-before-seen. Here, Trone brings spring, its colors and its sun into the toilets, surfing on the wind of freshness and renewal which is currently blowing on design desires.