Une décoration aux toilettes inspirée du grand large

A toilet decoration inspired by the open sea

Fresh and revitalizing, the marine style applied to an interior creates atmospheres that are as relaxing as they are exotic. In this spirit, Trone creates tailor-made spaces that recall the beach, the foreshore, the seabed or quite simply the spirit of the open sea.

The modern and colorful Icone01 and Callipyge toilets then adorn these tailor-made spaces created for numerous clients, both individuals and professionals.

Our creative teams have no limits and have thus recreated the muted and dreamlike atmosphere of the seabed in custom-made toilets, with a floor reminiscent of sand, green walls, lots of blue and very subdued lighting.

Blue is one of the essentials of nautical style. Its lighter shade evokes the sea, its darker shade the ocean. In all cases, this color affects mood: it has relaxing properties and stimulates creativity.

In the marine style, it combines with white, which highlights it and gives it shine. Natural colors like beige, gray and green, as well as natural materials like twine, wood and stone will bring the finishing touch to this maritime atmosphere.

Twice, the Trone teams recreated the joyful and sunny atmosphere of a beach cabin. Sometimes with an elongated and narrow piece of wood, with yellow, orange and white stripes, at the end of which an Icone01 - White model has been placed.

A second time, with two-tone wooden slats, dotted with starfish and equipped with a Callipyge, also white.

A third custom-made space more subtly evokes the ocean, with a very modern mix of white and bright blue scattered throughout the room, all highlighted by OSB wood walls and flooring. The salty air and the sound of the waves almost resonate there.