Des toilettes design dans l'avant-gardiste Villa Cavrois

Aesthetic toilets in the avant-garde Villa Cavrois

Trone unveils the result of its latest exceptional shooting carried out within the Villa Cavrois, a legendary work of the architectural genius of Robert Mallet-Stevens. The avant-garde nature of this location perfectly embodied the spirit and values ​​of the brand, thus providing the ideal setting for these images.

The ultra-modern look of architect Robert Mallet-Stevens, trained at the Special School of Architecture like the architects and designers of Trone, is clearly embodied in the project of this villa. The concept of the classic castle, located in the center of the estate, faces a lake and a French-style garden. The substance of the project is very classic, while its form and the uses it proposes are resolutely avant-garde. Trone's work follows the same logic, constantly seeking to build bridges and find a balance between tradition and innovation. The substance is classic – the places of ease – but the accomplished form could not be more revolutionary.

This is why the idea of ​​carrying out a photo shoot of our collections at Villa Cavrois seemed obvious. Architect Robert Mallet-Stevens has designed every detail to measure: the plan of the gardens, the orientation, the light and its switches, the coverings, the radio in each room, the elevator, the filtered water for the dishes... This mastery of every detail, even the smallest, is the same at Trone: the bowl is custom designed, the water is highlighted in the column serving as a reservoir, the shape of the hinge and the enamels are unique, and the bowl is asymmetrical.

The experiences offered by Robert Mallet-Stevens as much as by Trone are total: they appeal to all the senses, thereby invoking the visitor's entire emotional and sensory palette. Since we are talking about visitors, and not just users: entering the tailor-made toilets designed by the Trone teams, or making use of the avant-garde toilets from its collections, is a a true invitation to live a unique experience.

For the architect as for Trone, the inspiration is futuristic. The Villa's floors echo the geometric design of Callipyge, our second model, while the large curves of the facade and the double-height living room resonate with the very pure design of Icone01. The Villa is modern through the simplicity of the volumes, the absence of ornaments in the decor, the cutting-edge equipment and the use of industrial materials and techniques. All these characteristics are those that distinguish Trone, a century later.

The parallel goes as far as the concept of “total work”: when he designed the Villa, Mallet-Stevens did not limit himself to the layout of the architectural volumes since he also designed the entire interior decor, down to the smallest element of furniture. Each room of these 1,800 m2 is very different, tells a story, and is a staging of its function. In this sense, each room could be a place of ease which would accommodate one of our different models of toilets. Trone, through its tailor-made spaces for individuals and professionals, also pushes the concept of “total work” to its climax: we do not just install our models, but offer them a unique and immersive environment, refined down to the smallest details.

The modern silhouette of Villa Cavrois contrasts radically with the neo-regionalist landscape of the commune of Croix, on the outskirts of Lille. Thus, this place was most suitable for displaying Trone toilet models which not only contrasted with the times but truly revolutionized it.