L’alliance grandiose des toilettes modernes Trone et du marbre

The grandiose combination of modern Trone toilets and marble

Marble is the material of elegance and refinement par excellence. When it combines with Trone toilets, the two enhance each other, shaping spaces that (finally) take on all their letters of nobility.

Marble has always been recognized for its exceptional qualities. Each fragment of this rock from limestone is unique. Once a ceremonial material reserved for reception rooms – or latrines in ancient Rome – marble has become timeless and has become a classic in chic interiors for several years. It emancipates itself from floors and kitchens and invites itself into all rooms, and particularly in the bathroom, where it sets off sparks with the modern Trone toilets.

In small touches or on entire sections of walls, marble is available from floor to ceiling and in all its variations. If black marble will bring great presence to the room, veined marble is that of ultimate elegance. It will combine with the modernity of Trone toilets in plays of colors and materials, to create different atmospheres each time.

The use of a white tone-on-tone will create a very contemporary atmosphere in the same way as visible stripes on marble for example. The mixture of colors playing on the geometries of the room will bring an additional touch of design and originality. Light will also be very important: it will highlight the reflections, light up the colors, shape the shadows... It is this which will give depth to the room, and a large part of its atmosphere.

Trone does not hesitate to use marble in all its variations by imagining spaces for individuals and professionals. With Icone01 toilets as with Callipyge toilets, the combination is chic and the result always memorable.