Osez le total look blanc pour la déco de vos toilettes

Dare to go for a total white look for your toilet decoration

White embodies purity and minimalism. Known for its brightness, it is often used to brighten a dark room and visually enlarge small spaces. It then seems a wise choice for your toilets, whether you are an individual or a professional. Trone, however, does not stop only at these qualities: we push boldness ever further, and create timeless, surprising and elegant spaces, with an atmosphere never before seen.

In Neuilly, white meets wood and marble in a chic and modern bathroom. Elsewhere, the toilets are geometric and surprising, while Trone plays on the strong contrast between white and black through an entirely tiled room. In yet another space, an immaculate Icone01 model sits in the center of a room covered in white tiles, while the ceiling is covered in an intense light source.

Trone also has fun with white through all kinds of materials, sometimes in the middle of a room dressed in sparkling gray rhinestones, sometimes between padded walls which create an extremely cozy atmosphere. Sometimes, the walls look like immaculate graphic sculptures, other times, Trone plays with light and reflections by mixing tiles and glass blocks.

The Icone01 and Callipyge models are subtly highlighted by the purity of white, which also enhances all colors and materials. Once again, Trone plays the card of audacity as well as chic sobriety, always with great creativity.