La tendance bohème chic transposée aux toilettes

The bohemian chic trend transposed to the toilet

Currently very trendy, the bohemian chic style is often associated with vitality, freedom and elegance. At Trone, we therefore decided to transpose this trend to the toilet, in a minimalist variant, for a decoration synonymous with escape.

With the desire to always remain a pioneer, at Trone, we draw inspiration from major trends to go ever further in the creation and decoration of your toilets. We have therefore recently imagined toilets and bathrooms inspired by this bohemian chic trend, in a spirit that is sometimes natural, lazy, sober or soft. Singular and very current, these spaces still remain timeless thanks to the minimalist bias that we have chosen.

A true art of living, bohemian chic decor is inspired by nature and travel. She often combines various pieces drawn from crafts and traditions as well as vintage accessories. At Trone, the interpretation is more minimalist. However, the colors are warm, bright and eclectic, and the light is often subdued.

The Icone01 and Callipyge models have their finishes in orange, pink and powder tones. Natural materials, such as rattan, wood or linen, are also in the spotlight. The result, always surprising, offers a unique, relaxing and soothing journey to passing visitors.