Une décoration aux toilettes toute de rose vêtue

A decoration in the toilets all dressed in pink

Sparkling, bold, bright, or more sober, chic and contemporary: have no limits, and don't hesitate to decorate spaces all dressed in pink.

Unleash your creativity and your daring and dare to use pink to create unique places, which focus on feminine glamour, understated chic and contemporary, or even pop and funky neon.

On the one hand, pink can be combined with neon lights, tiles and an Icone01 - Pink model to create a futuristic, graphic and very arty atmosphere.

Elsewhere, play on pink's ability to combine with a vast range of colors and patterns to create retro-contemporary toilets, with floors and walls striped in red and white, overlooked by a second half of a paper wall. painted floral, completed by a ceiling loaded with marine elements.

On the other hand, exploit the fresh and cheerful side of pink, its sweet and dynamic expression, or its positive and soothing qualities found in Feng Shui.

Whatever happens, don't hesitate to break the codes and break the stereotypes, to reinvent colors, materials and spaces, for toilets that will never leave their visitor indifferent.