"Voie Lactée" : le tout nouvel émaillage de nos toilettes colorées Callipyge

“Milky Way”: the brand new enamelling of our colored Callipyge toilets

With its innovative curves and asymmetrical shape, the Callipyge wall-hung toilet model makes a lasting impression. Its name comes from the Greek kalòs, “beauty” and pugê, “buttocks”, meaning “who has beautiful buttocks”. Its silhouette – a new nod to ancient Greece –, its colors and its finishes make Callipyge a real object of desire.

Its ceramic layout on three levels now comes in a new color that couldn't be more original and trendy: "Milk Way", a blue speckled with white, highlighted by a midnight blue wooden seat.

Callipyge - Voie Lactée has already found its place in several of the interior projects imagined by our teams, like these blue and white toilets inspired by Greece which take up the nuances of this new color, or this room made up of white tiles, mirrors and circular elements of the same blue as this new model of colored toilet. Callipyge - Voie Lactée also enters into an elegant contrast with a wall and its wooden columns, or in this bathroom clad in white marble.

Thus, Callipyge - Voie Lactée promises an elegant, modern and, as always: surprising wedding.