Trone réinvente les lieux d’aisance des restaurants les plus en vogue

Trone reinvents the toilets of the most fashionable restaurants

Cédric Grolet, Mauro Colagreco, Jean-François Piège, Mory Sacko, ... Trone has already conquered the most prestigious restaurants and designed creative universes in line with their DNA. Continuing our momentum, three new addresses were delivered: the Bonnie restaurants by Paris Society, Nhome by chef Matan Zaken, and Monzù.

Mainly known for our designer and colorful toilet models, we don't stop there, and also create tailor-made spaces with strong characters. Recently, Trone has notably worked with three new exceptional addresses, of which we give you an overview in this article.

Located at the top of the Morland Tower in Paris, the Bonnie de Paris Society restaurant, bar and club reveals an atmosphere with psychedelic accents and cuisine subtly spiced with a New York twist. Trone has invited itself into this chic Parisian brasserie spirit to extend the customer experience to the restrooms, creating a universe all dressed in pink, which their customers will not soon forget.

The young chef Matan Zaken has opened his gourmet table Nhome: a single large table placed in the center of an astonishing location, and a blind tasting of a unique menu in eight stages, which is perpetually changing. Everything has been thought out down to the smallest detail: from the custom-made interior, to the exclusive tableware made by ceramist Amande Haeghen, to the Trone bathroom, intimate and striking. The toilets had to be up to par for such a restaurant!

Trone entered the private kitchens of Cédric Grolet, where the renowned pastry chef provides lessons for individuals. The apprentices are welcomed in an elegant Parisian apartment located in the heart of Paris, where the toilets will not fail to mark them: an impressive Berber door opens onto an Icone01 surrounded by bricks and parquet floors, for a journey into another space-time .

Finally, Monzù, a restaurant located in downtown Bordeaux, specializing in Neapolitan pizzas and Franco-Italian cuisine. The tasty and generous dishes of this establishment are enhanced by a carefully designed decor from the floor... to the toilets. An Icone01 - Noir model is surrounded by black marble and gray stones, in a room inhabited by lush plants.